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Your comfort zone is an easy place to be.

It's warm and it understands you.
It doesn't ask for too much and it doesn't make you worry.
It knows your favorite snacks, never forgets a birthday and always calls on Christmas.
It's a lot like a grandparent really.
And you probably love your grandparents... but you're not in love with them.
(bare with me)

All these things are nice to have, but they leave you wondering.
I know a place outside of wondering, with answers, with more.

It's scary.
It's unpredictable.
It  gets cold and lonely but it's better.
It's better because it's not a dead end.
It has all the possibilities and  moments from your favorite movies.
It's where you fall in love.
With someone, with yourself, with the world around you.
It's where discoveries are made,
where love begins,
where friendships are born,
where lessons are learned and new things are tried.
It's uncertainty renders questions and it's questions render answers.

It is not comfortable.
It's certainly not boring.
It's life.

It's worth being uncomfortable for.
Live in the uncomfort zone.




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