There was nothing ordinary about it.

Not about her.
Not about him.

If only the world could see the feelings shared between them.

If only they themselves could see them.

There would never be a doubt in the existence of true love again.


It wasn’t unrequited. It was closer to unattended.

It’s presence was known but it was not addressed.


That was their barrier.



I’ve been writing  A LOT of poetry lately and thought I’d share a little something with yall.

In other news, this dress makes it feel like spring time again and I love it. French Connection really knows how to do it.

DRESS: French Connection

xx Madeline

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  1. Monika Monika

    wow you’re good artist 🙂 yesterday I was writing poem for my Croatian class (cause I’m from Croatia) and it took me more than hour cause I’m not gifted but you are and your poem is so beautiful 🙂 <3

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