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I’m singing the songs as you’re strumming the chords

You’re shaking your thoughts as I’m speaking the words

We kneel down to the bed to say prayers from our heads

from our hearts

from our dreams

and you come to my mind as I come to your mind but we’re far

out of reach

out of touch

out of speech

there’s a love that I know that you know is unsaid

but the problem outweighs us, the land line is dead

the static between us is screaming for air

but the truth names us parallel

unable, unfair

Forever in tune, forever aware

But faltered by fate, forever impaired

From the crossing of paths, intersection of truths

That’s just it,

We’re parallel

two souls too obtuse,

for the sharing of lives

for the echoes of  youth

too far to say yes

too close to call truce

our congenial lives will

linger inside until

somewhere within

I shoot down my deep pride

And accept the cold whispers

Of footseps will say

“Out of reach,

Out of touch,

Parallel we must stay.”

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