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LOFTLBNow that fall is here it's time to break out the cute pants....and ladies let me tell you, LOFT has had a pants renaissance. They completely revolutionized their take on pants and now offer different fits for all body types! Which totally makes since right?! We are all shaped differently so pants SHOULD come with multiple options. So thank you Loft for recognizing and accentuating the beauty in difference. Now we can all finally get the pants we want, in the fit we want. HOLLA! *They even have a quick little quiz to help find the perfect fit for you. I found that the Marissa fit work best for my body.*

Although the weather is beginning to cool down here it's not quite sweater weather. So I paired my new pants with a simple light tee and pumps to say "Hey, I'm feeling somewhere in between formal and casual and just want to have a fun day shopping in downtown. And who knows, maybe I'll meet a cute boy and we can grab coffee together.. well I don't drink coffee but coffee shops are good places for talking to cute boys so he can get coffee and I'll get orange juice or something."

If you make the brilliant decision to buy some pants at Loft this season tag us on instagram. We'd love to see how you style them!!

xx Madeline

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  • Monika
    September 24, 2013 at 7:59 am

    Those pants look amazing on you! πŸ™‚

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