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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetlevis-2Are you living?
I mean really LIVING.

I mean turning the things that inspire you into the things that you are. 

You honestly, truly, so sincerely have every right and ability to.
And not just you. Your best friend, your sibling, that guy you always see at the grocery store... they all have dreams too and need to know they can live them.

So what if you helped them?
What if we all started really LIVING.
What if people supported each other rather than silently competing?

We as people are not meant to conquer each other.
We as people are meant to build each other up. Because if everyone is building, the world will only get stronger and stronger.
But if people are destroying, the world has to clean up, and start over when it could be growing.

It seems rather counterproductive if you ask me.

All I know is happiness and really LIVING are tangible things and we should all live to help the people around us live.

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There is a really great movement right now that pairs along just peachy with my ranting. It's called #LiveInLevis and it's all about really LIVING your one of a kind life. I'm all for this attitude and supporting brands that support people. I am proud to say I #LiveInLevis. Seriously. Click to see MY OUTFIT.


xx Madeline

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