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The Greatest Harry Potter Party on Earth (but really)

Whether you are as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am or not... You're going to want to read this. Or at least watch the video!

In 2013 my new friends in Utah invited me to a Harry Potter themed party. There were probably 50, maybe 75 of our closest friends all dressed up in Wizarding attire (no muggles allowed obviously). It was by far the coolest party I had ever been to... I mean any group of twenty somethings getting together to celebrate the wizarding world is fine by me.  Naturally I had to become a part of  the committee who brought this magical occasion to life (yes, we have a HP party planning committee). Fast forward to our 4th annual HP party this year... we had 700, i repeat SEVEN HUNDRED people show up. It was absolutely crazy.


Naturally the night begins by entering through platform 9 3/4 leading you to the house where you are greeted by Delores Umbridge (our friends grandmother dresses up every year) who signs you in and takes your donation (keep reading).  The party starts as all the books do, at the Dursley's  home where you'll see letters bursting from the fireplace trying to get to Harry. As you continue walking you'll pass through Diagon Alley and witness all your favorite shops... Flourish and Blotts, Olivanders, The Magical Menagerie, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and yes even Gringotts bank. From there you land in the Great Hall and it opens to all of Hogwarts... Floating candles, the sorting hat, Sirius in the fireplace, moaning myrtle in the bathroom, the starry sky projected on the ceiling. You will even find the cupboard under the stairs full of Harry's few belongings, a snogging corner, honeydukes candy, butter beer and I COULD GO ON FOREVER. Then we get to the backyard.... the quidditch field with friends actively playing, Hagrids hut, the goblet of fire and knock turn ally. You really have to watch the video to feel the vibes.

The first year we had all the usual suspects, Harry, Hermoine, The Weasleys, Hagrid and I was even Moaning Myrtle. 4 years in and we are at a whole new level. We give a prize for the best costumes and people have fully committed. This year I saw, Hedwig and Pigwidgeon in cages, the shrunken head from the knight bus, the dead unicorn, Horis Slughorn as a sofa and SO MUCH MORE. I myself have been Myrtle, Aunt Marge when Harry blows her up, a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans and this year Luna Love good in her quiditch match lion headpiece. Go Gryffindor!


hp3  img_6922-2

At the end of every party we have a full on dual equipped with roman candles as our wands (don't worry we wear protective goggles). We typically try to kick it off with Harry and Malfoy going head to head but all goes to madness very quickly. Voldemort loses every time, of course.


Lastly bust most importantly, each year we pick a charitable cause we raise money for with our party. This year we picked a family in Peru whom have a son with a rare syndrome in which only medical professionals in the states / Europe are capable of experimenting with and treating. This family runs an airbnb rental in efforts to raise money themselves but had a long ways to go. News about the party got out and at the end of it all we were able to give the family $4,000 USD. We hopped on skype to tell them the good news in Spanash... hearts were warmed and tears were shed. As if the party alone wasn't worth it... this set permanent joy in our hearts.  Harry Potter... changing the world for the better, one day at a time.hp-charity

Thanks for reading... until next year Potterheads.

xx Madeline

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  • CathyWilliams55
    January 14, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    OMG wow it looks amazing and fun, i need to be there next time. this is just wonderful all the arrangement must be tough. thanks for your good work to. keep it up
    ocean of games

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