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Flowers In Your Hair Cover

I had way too much fun making this. My boyfriend Conley was laying on the floor below me making me smile and giving me confidence the whole time.  What a gem! And I know I know I know it's not really that great of a cover but... hey, here we are.  Maybe it will make you laugh at least? I remember when I first posted a cover a few years ago I was legitimately SHAKING I was so scared to put it out there. But it felt important to me and it wasn't really about how good or terrible I sounded but rather about sharing and just experiencing new things. And now here I am a few years later putting up a video of me jamming like a weirdo. Lots of mistakes but even more fun. And that's what it's about right?  Shoutout to The Lumineers for writing such a fun and great song for me to goof around to.

Jumpsuit: http://gypsywarrior.com/  

Pacific Coast Jumpsuit

xx Madeline

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