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Fall is right around the corner and although I have a hard time letting go of summer, I am excited for what the new season will bring, especially in the fashion world!

First things first, I am obsessed with boots so the second it's cool enough for me to wear them every day... I'll wear them every day... well most days haha. So most of my wish list consists of boots because I REALLY wore my favorites down last year and am in the market for some new babies. But before it gets too cold and boots are our only option, I've added some other cute styles as well!

I hope you find a pair or two or five to add to your fall wardrobe! πŸ˜‰ You can click the shoe name for more photos, available sizes, and to make a purchase.


1. Veronica Back Zip Short Boot: Hello beautiful little brown boots. How about you hop on my feet and we trot around downtown making friends? I'll pair you with some classic skinny blue jeans and a big comfy sweater.

2.Michael Kors "Arley" Boot: Every gal needs a killer pair of riding boots. They are perfect for cooler days and look darling with tights or skinny pants. My advice on boots is to invest in a good, well made pair because you will likely wear them a lot and you want them to maintain! I like to think of it like this, a good pair of boots should cost about as much as the amount of times you would wear them. So if you wear them a lot like me... dropping $100-300 isn't really that crazy! (or maybe this is just me trying to justify so I don't feel guilty buying adorable Michael Kors boots....)

3. "Katz" Shoe: I've been really into the cut out boot trend and I think it's about time for me to own a pair! These ones are cute and excellent for fall. I think they'd be great paired with black leather jeggings OR if it's still warm enough where you are, shorts and a long sleeve top or a blouse with a cardigan.

4. Spotted Crush Loafer: The black & white trend is still among us my friends and I think these loafers are a fun way to rock it.

5. Wesley Oxford: THESE, I WANT THESE. Something about them is just making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I want to wear them with a black skirt and Β a long long sleeve white blouse. oh oh or with these black coated leather pants I have. eek.

6. Shoe Cult Flux Buckled Boot: Speaking of cut out boots... hello my pretties. *love eyes*

7.Β Michael Kors Arley Leather Ankle Boot: I couldn't decide if I preferred these in this color or in black but since I've already put 3 black boots on my list thus far I thought I'd mix it up.

8. Michael Kors Hamilton Stretch Knee Boot: Yes. Please. Boots. Boots. Boots.

9. White Leather Hi Top Chucks: I already have white hi top converse but they are getting a little nasty because I wear them all the time. Plus these ones are all leather!! NEAT-O BURRITO.

10.Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent: Love the buckles and pointed toe. Great fall heel!

11. Jeffrey Campbell National-H: This has to be love. Seriously, I am really feeling the wooden heel here. Must get.

12. Seychelles: I realized as I was choosing my last pair that all of my picks so far Β have either been black, brown, or white. Oops. haha, so I threw these in because they have great fall colors and are different (in a fantastic way)!

I could do this all day but I wouldn't want to overwhelm yall so let's leave it at 12. πŸ˜‰

Which pair are your favorite? Tag us in a picture on instagram if you purchase any! I'd love to seem them on your pretty little self.


xx Madeline

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