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Happy Monday Everyone!

Despite the majority of the world's Β mutual standing on the emotions brought on by Mondays, I rather enjoy them. I wake up Monday mornings feeling fresh and new. It's a little renaissance of sorts really, a spotless week ahead of you, no mistakes yet made, a world of possibility for the taking. We have emotional control of the days in front of us and I think Mondays are symbolic of that. I've also noticed that the way I start my week tends to carry over throughout. So I'm trying to kick my mornings off in a bright happy way in hopes of a bright happy week. For example, today I woke up, put on a good jam and did a little jig aside my bed. Which was then followed by a bedside prayer and a mini workout session. It felt good! I left for work feeling energized and optimistic. It's funny how little changes in routine can make a big difference.

In other news,

the weather here has been surprisingly warm and I am all for it. I went on a post-church walk yesterday through a gorgeous park and soon enough the sun will be staying awake longer, wanting me to play with her in my favorite sundresses. (I wonder what the sun thinks, having a piece of clothing named after her yet she's never able to try one on for size.)

This outfit featured is a byproduct of the warm weather we've been blessed with. (alongside my love of ducks and love) My duckie top is from Sugarhill boutique, one of my favorite little shops. They have a ton of fun dresses in for spring that I'm dying to get my hands on. One of them has a bike pattern... I love bikes... especially my bike, Delaney who has been begging me to take her out of the shed. Which, if this weather pattern keeps up I may be able to do soon!

Blessed day to you all!

xx Madeline

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  • AlyonaK
    February 24, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Like this outfit! I wish the weather in my city was nice too... Like your attitude towards Mondays! I think it is important to start your week in a good mood, because it will affect other days:)

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