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I spent last weekend with KayKay in the desert of California. We watched our favorite bands (I may or may not have cried during The Head and The Heart's set), danced, witnessed killer festival fashion and ate yummy food. As KayKay mentioned in her Coachella post, music brought us together in the beginning and once again, thanks to Garage Clothing, music has reunited us once more.

Festivals carry along with them a whole world of fashion. It was cool to see different people's takes on the festival trends. Since I generally have a softer, girly touch, I wore skirts and dresses while people with edgier styles wore things like KayKay did, cut off shirts and layered necklaces.

I loved wearing Garage Clothing at Coachella because they are a brand that not only accommodates to independent young ladies like myself but also encourages one-of-a-kind-ness(I think I made that up, just roll with it). KayKay and I were able to channel our different personalities and styles by wearing Garage all weekend. They have so much to offer to cater to every personal style, whether your more  "Sugar" or "Spice".

My weekend with KayKay was seriously one of the bests I've ever had. We got a lot of work done for Sugar & Spice but were also able to simply enjoy our friendship.  We only get to see each other every few months but every time we do I am reminded why we started SAS.
I have traveled a lot and met tons of people throughout my life and my experiences have led me to realize how special friendship is. More specifically, how rare it is to find a friend that you can connect with on endless levels. KayKay is this friend for me. We both have a lot of passion for the arts and for people. We started the blog to bring those passions together and hopefully make a bigger impact on the world as a team. I am a firm believer that everyone has individual gifts to offer but even more than that I am a believer in togetherness. We were not meant to face this world alone. The more friendships that are made, the more passion is encouraged and the bigger the impacts we can make.

Moral of the story:
weekends are good, music is good, Garage Clothing is good and togetherness is good.

Thanks for reading!

Day 1                   Day 2                          Day 3
Crop                        Flower Tank                      Floral Dress
Skirt                        Denim Shorts
x, Madeline


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