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When I moved to Salt Lake I had no plan. I hoped that I would make friends and knew I needed to find a part-time job but it was honestly all up in the air. Fortunately, God always has a plan in store for us, even when it doesn't seem that way. That being said, not too long after my arrival my prayers were answered. I met tons of wonderful people and scored an awesome job with a killer boss. (killer as in she's way cool, not an actual killer... that would not be ideal)

Outside of Sugar & Spice I work at an amazing boutique called Apt. 202. It's a perfect environment for me, persisting of many of my favorite things, like people, fashion, music (I get to play my own music!) and really good smelling candles. (seriously) My typical work routine involves me opening and closing the store Β but mainly hanging out with awesome customers. I get to help all types of fabulous ladies put together outfits for different events and through the process I have met some incredible people. Another bonus to my job is that I get a first peek at my favorite brands new items like French Connection, BCBG and Ella Moss! Sweet deal right?!

So in this post I have compiled a bunch of pictures of myself wearing clothes from Apt. 202! I hope you love them as much as I do. πŸ™‚ Also, I will be posting tons of pictures and styling tips on the Apt. 202 facebook page. So go like it when you get a chance!







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