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We've all been Debbie Downers and Positive Pollys but what got us there?
Maybe it was the lens we chose to look through?

Here are 4 different lenses we've all looked through & can (hopefully) learn from: 


You know that scene in 500 Days of Summer where Joseph Gordon-Levitt realizes he is completely in love and strangers sing and dance with him in the street? This is the "I'm In Love Lens". These are the times you whip out the dance moves you usually reserve for red lights, sing the high notes you practice in the shower, and make friends with the lady ringing you up at Chic-Fil-A.  I think we can all agree that those are the best days... and they aren't random. It's a lens you can look through every day if you want. I can’t promise a cartoon bird is going to land on your shoulder BUT there is truth to that goofy 500 Days of Summer scene. He left his house peering through a new lens. He saw happiness, good and love in everything because it was on his mind and he was looking for it. Look for love and joy and you will surely find it.



This lens usually falls into two categories, either “I Know It All” or “I’m Bored”. The “I Know It All”  hits when you scroll through instagram while your mom is giving you heartfelt advice or when you're working on a group project and you stop listening to everyone else's ideas because you've  already made up your mind. We've all done it, and it happens when we think we're already experienced in that area or have heard all there is to hear. FALSE (read in Dwight from The Office's voice). Have you ever heard the quote; “Never be the smartest man in the room.”?  Thinking you know all there is to know will trap you in forever only knowing what you already know. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN. Approaching life with a ready for more, open mind will take you far (and probably make your mom happy).

Boredom is similar. If you tell yourself there is nothing new to do you are probably going to spend 5 more hours on your couch watching Netflix again. Snap out of it and take on a new perspective. Simply put, there is no such thing as a shortage of things to do or learn. Boredom is self-derived and quite frankly, a byproduct of laziness. The world is way too big and full of way too many interesting people to meet. We've just got to suck it up and get on our feet.


Sadly we all know what this looks like. You feel unprepared for something and you tell yourself you can’t do it. You say “when it rains, it pours” and the downpour rolls in. Seriously, if you expect failure, failure will deliver and Hall & Oates will not play “You Make My Dreams” for you. And that’s too good of a song to miss out on. Drop that lens and trade it for the….



You have tasted success before. Think of how you felt before and after. When you’ve gone into something confidently and nailed it, you glowed for hours, maybe days after. It felt GOOD. It gave you the confidence to keep going, to do even bigger and better things. People who look through the lens of success generally find it and if they don’t right away, they don’t give up. They are optimistic and even if they land in a different place than they were aiming for, they can find purpose in it.


I could list lenses forever but I think you get the point. Reality isn’t defined by what's happening, it's defined by what you’re looking for.





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