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Your surroundings can take you and shape you but there are parts of you that can never be moved.

There are pieces of you that run deeper than your DNA.
They are your blueprints and you can feel them.
Don’t ignore the feelings. Don’t let anyone’s picture of how you should exist take away from your true nature.

You are the only person who can decipher who you are.
Your instincts will guide you.
Follow them. Trust them. Act on them.

Take a chance on what you feel you are destined for.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a wild imagination. I would create my own worlds, write bizarro stories, make up my own songs, choreograph dances in my backyard, create different personas. I loved to create. I thought it was just how all people were. But the more I learn about the world the more I learn about myself and the facets of color that make me me.

And I’m trusting those parts of me enough to act on them.
I’m exploring the root of myself.

I remember the moment I wrote my first song with my guitar.
It was such a release.
It wasn’t like I learned something new, it was like I was accessing a part of me that was always there. So I pushed it, I explored it and the deeper I got into it the closer I felt to my core.
Learning guitar and writing music was not me re-creating myself. It was me finally discovering myself. I followed my instincts.


Your instincts are a gift. Use them to do that thing you’ve always wanted you’re supposed to do.
The person you’ve always desired to be IS who you are meant to be.

Don’t just trust your instincts, act on them. 


It’s getting cooler here in the mountains and jean season is extending her hand to greet us. I’m excited to try out different colors and patterns in my pants this year and am already getting there with these Plum Jeans from PacSun.

They have a TON of options for fall, and they fit all day.
See for yourself: #BullHead pants


xx Madeline

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” 
― Hermann HesseDemian

“Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.” 
― David GemmellFall of Kings

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetlevis-2Are you living?
I mean really LIVING.

I mean turning the things that inspire you into the things that you are. 

You honestly, truly, so sincerely have every right and ability to.
And not just you. Your best friend, your sibling, that guy you always see at the grocery store… they all have dreams too and need to know they can live them.

So what if you helped them?
What if we all started really LIVING.
What if people supported each other rather than silently competing?

We as people are not meant to conquer each other.
We as people are meant to build each other up. Because if everyone is building, the world will only get stronger and stronger.
But if people are destroying, the world has to clean up, and start over when it could be growing.

It seems rather counterproductive if you ask me.

All I know is happiness and really LIVING are tangible things and we should all live to help the people around us live.

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There is a really great movement right now that pairs along just peachy with my ranting. It’s called #LiveInLevis and it’s all about really LIVING your one of a kind life. I’m all for this attitude and supporting brands that support people. I am proud to say I #LiveInLevis. Seriously. Click to see MY OUTFIT.


xx Madeline

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Your comfort zone is an easy place to be.

It’s warm and it understands you.
It doesn’t ask for too much and it doesn’t make you worry.
It knows your favorite snacks, never forgets a birthday and always calls on Christmas.
It’s a lot like a grandparent really.
And you probably love your grandparents… but you’re not in love with them.
(bare with me)

All these things are nice to have, but they leave you wondering.
I know a place outside of wondering, with answers, with more.

It’s scary.
It’s unpredictable.
It  gets cold and lonely but it’s better.
It’s better because it’s not a dead end.
It has all the possibilities and  moments from your favorite movies.
It’s where you fall in love.
With someone, with yourself, with the world around you.
It’s where discoveries are made,
where love begins,
where friendships are born,
where lessons are learned and new things are tried.
It’s uncertainty renders questions and it’s questions render answers.

It is not comfortable.
It’s certainly not boring.
It’s life.

It’s worth being uncomfortable for.
Live in the uncomfort zone.




You can step outside of your C zone with fashion. I stepped out of mine here to make a fashion statement with the H&M Fashion Weeks Collection featuring Amanda Murphy! The collection offers tons of cool opportunities to mix up your style and take on unique (maybe even quirky) looks.  H&M truly offers fashion and quality at the best price. Get on it and shop the collection here.

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Our “Rock On” Garage Clothing window display has been up for a month and I am still so excited!! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see it in person but I’ve seen enough pics to feel like I’ve been there. So thanks everyone who has sent pics our way. & If you have a Garage in your mall, stop by and say hi to me. Well, a photo of me. If you listen close enough you may hear me whispering hello back… and the ocean.

If you want to win a shopping spree or  $150 gift card to Garage (who wouldn’t want that??) our contest with them is still going strong. For a chance to win, enter a picture to Twitter or Instagram showing off your Rockin style and tag #GARAGExROCKON. Submit your entries (yes you can enter more than once!) before August 24th!! See full contest rules here.

Love you my darling friends!!

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32°58’57.9″N 97°02’16.8″W


In the midst of a series of dark days, there was one that poured out light. Lostness had been pulling at me for months but life is more forgiving than we give it credit for. It never takes without giving, even if it’s gifts aren’t what we have in mind. Well the gift I recieved this day wasn’t something I was searching for, or even aware I needed, but I did. I needed it.

Everything about the day was symbolic. The sky was dark like the past few months had been.  Warnings of tornadoes were whispered about until the sirens sang their reality. But all got quiet for a sweet moment and my dear friend and I took advantage. We were both cycling through a confusing juncture and all the certainty we had this day was in each other, until it happened. We ran down the steps of my apartment and looked up at the sky. It was glooming but not angry. I don’t know what made us feel the way we did but it hit us both at the same time. It was no coincidence. It was the universe giving back.

It started with giggles and pathless walking but as the storm progressed so did we. The first drop hit my face. It phased me but it didn’t scare me. There was no question of turning back. We were in a moment and it was a good one. As the rain sped up, so did our feet. We hit a trail at the back of my complex and the downpour was so loud our giggles turned into raging laughter and our walking turned into full out running. We had no destination. We just had feeling. More feeling, more joy, than I had felt in a long, long time. There was no thinking and it was amazing. I wasn’t grieving of the past or worried about tomorrow, I was completely, undoubtedly in the moment. And I wasn’t alone. I looked up from my puddle stomping shoes and sagging wet clothes and saw their face. We weren’t together but we were together. We we’re both experiencing personal euphoria but the fact that we we’re side by side made it all so much more real. We didn’t address the magic  but it was understood. We knew what we were feeling.

I don’t know why our legs stopped where they did but this is where my coordinates hit. With dripping hair and rusty smiles, we turned our chins to the sky. We reached for the sinking clouds and we let the rain come. There’s no controlling mother nature, and why bother? She is raw and powerful and she will perform with no permission. Her raindrops hit hard on my cheeks and as they rolled down I realized, “I am alive”. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt.  Nothing outside of that moment was relevant. Freedom was in that thunderstorm and freedom was in me.

32°58’57.9″N 97°02’16.8″W

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