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Today is perfect.
Because I decided it would be.

I'm learning that not everything has to be perfect to have a perfect day.
Sometimes, there is beauty in the unknown and things to love within the imperfections. And maybe being happy is learning to find that beauty and learning to love the things you don't love already.

I heard a story once about how we have two wolves in our heads in a constant battle.
One being unhappiness. Those feelings of self- doubt, fear, worry.
The other being happiness. Joy, hope, compassion.
So which wolf wins, you may ask?
Well, they say the one you feed.

I think they're right.
The happiest people are the people that focus on the reasons to love life.
When you focus on the good stuff, you find more good stuff to focus on.

When it feels like everything in your life is falling apart, figure out what's going right.
Happiness isn't just a feeling. It's a choice.

So today is perfect.
Because I decided it would be.

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