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I am that kind of story.

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photos by: chase mccurdy

you try to put me on a shelf 
to come back & read whenever you please
but baby, I'm not the kind of story that collects dust 
I will find my way into 
every human you meet 
every girl you lust 
everything you see
without even trying 

I am that kind of story 

the kind you can't forget even if you tried 
the kind that doesn't wait for you to change your mind 
the kind that years from now you will still be wondering why 

I am that kind of story

I'm a best seller 
a classic  
your nonfiction 
romantic fantasy 

I'm the great gatsby
old man and the sea 
on the road 
and fitzgerald's wet dream 

I'm your girl interrupted crazy
midsummer nights dream
with great expectations 
sense & sensibility 

I am that kind of story

my intro is soft and sweet 
each chapter different idiosyncrasies  
leaf through me & crack my spine
find my depth in every line
I promise I'll tie all the loose ends
mend conflict & build suspense  
the climax will make you see
that baby, I'm the only one you will ever need 
& the ending? I'm still rewriting 

I am that kind of story

yet you put me on a shelf 
not as a prize in your library 
but to fill space when you need 

so someone else will come around
& won't be able to put me down 
they will see the value I see in me
they will go beyond the cover & see me as more than pretty words & poetry 
they won't dance around the thought of being with me 

but you, baby, will come back & find I'm gone 
not a trace of my face, my words, or heartsong 
& you'll realize I was best story you've ever been apart of 

because I am that kind of story.


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

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  • Prisqua
    July 15, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    This is pure awesomeness, I love it!

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