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PMPN 8 EZ. My girl, Danielle Guizio, gets it. I've been eyeing this jersey for a looooong time. I love Danielle because she's unapologetically  herself (and also quite witty) with her line. She creates stuff she likes and thinks it's cool, and hopes everyone else thinks it's cool too. I dig that. I'm all about that. I think we can all learn a little from Danielle. You don't have to be anyone else except yourself to find success. Frankly, when you conform to what you think people want, you lose you're authenticity, you're coolness, and most importantly, yourself.

"Is succumbing to what’s expected, even just for the sanctity of fitting in, really living at all? Know that you will never be or feel more beautiful than when being yourself, even if you can’t see the floor of your room and you now believe that purple hair dye best complements your complexion. Even if you keep a small bottle of ranch dressing in your purse in case of emergencies and you spend your Saturday nights reorganizing your closet by color. Even if you want to hitch hike away from home in search of life, and the next day you decide to pursue your dream of becoming a marine biologist instead. Even for just that moment, that’s who you are. And you’re alive.

And this is who I am; even just for today."

Figure out who you are, and own it.

xx KayKay

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