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Maybe I should change my name to Ophelia,
It only seems fitting,
And yours to Hamlet,
Because of the love you're omitting,
My passion is taking over my reason,
Which is only driving me mad,
While your pride and ego,
Ruining what we could have had,
And I'm not the type of person to
Need a watchman of my heart
But this time I know my mind is not in control
But instead my delicate and fragile soul
Advise me in the direction I should go
Because you know what's best
I'm an innocent child uncertain of his intentions,
I know that type of love would only harm me in the end
Without you, without him, most of me is left uncertain,
Now I wander aimlessly and my thoughts are frank
Lost and roaming with no direction,
My reason stolen & my love denied,
My heart was shattered and I lost my mind,
Not even a weeping willow could hold my limbs,
So I'll fall gracefully in the water,
And forget to swim.

(If you've never read Hamlet, here's a little back story) Ophelia is a dependent character that relied on her superiors for direction in every aspect of her life. She was incapable of dealing with her own passions with her own reasoning on her own. With her father dead, her brother in France, and Hamlet off to England, she is left without support and consequently, becomes crazed. When there seemed to be no guidance, she was lost. She tried to find stability and regardless of where she searched for it was unable to find it as is portrayed in her life and her symbolic death.

Adornment from Amaroq Design
Photos by: Jade Ehlers
Makeup by: Briana Martinez



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