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Often times, I worry and over analyze my future and how it's supposed to be vs. how it is currently.
And, a lot of me is learning that maybe it's not so much about having a set career, a set future, set out by me.
But making a list of things you want to do. And doing those.

Someone sent me this talk this one time when I was in a place of confusion, and it really set a lot of things in the light for me.
As an artist, we constantly question ourselves and doubt our abilities. We get wrapped up in what we should or could being doing.
But, I'm learning it's good to not know what you're doing or where you're going.

If we know the rules, we have a harder time bending and breaking them.
If we know too much about our future and where we should end up, then we might miss out on a better opportunity.
If we plan what we think should happen, we get disappointed when it doesn't.

Not everything happens in the way we imagine it might.
& that is a wonderful thing.

Because when we expect things to happen in a certain way, we give ourselves a glass ceiling to what we are capable of.
If we, on the other hand, just do the things we love & work hard. The opportunities and possiblities are limitless.
And maybe just maybe, you will see that your plan for yourself was never really that good of a plan all along.

So stop worrying about your future & start working on finding a new perspective for it.

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