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I'll Love The Hell Out Of You

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I'll love the hell out of you. I will lose socks all over your room, spill red wine on my white skirt, beg you to make cookies at midnight, make you look in my hazel eyes and sing me 'brown eyed girl' anyway, tell you to always choose dare while tricking you to tell me your truths, eat chinese food in the little white boxes on the floor, ask you to play with my hair, tickle my back because i'm mad and sad and happy all at the same time, ask you too many questions and tell you too many thoughts of mine, question and cry about what the hell am I doing with my life, challenge you and hope you challenge me too, convince you that anna karenina is the greatest book of all time, sing you death cab a bit too much and a bit too loud, be a little insane but at least i admit it, always choose jameson over champagne, be stubborn oh so stubborn, go from wearing a vintage tee and jeans to a sunflower dress and a big bow, take every joke too far, make you call me darling & never baby, tell you that aliens are real, make you watch every documentary, complain when i have to take my fuzzy socks off in the morning because that's the real tragedy, lay on the floor begging to get ice cream, never do laundry until I have no underwear clean, beat you in nintendo, tell you every single one of my bizarre dreams and the little worlds I create in my head, need you to remind make me sit still sometimes, rarely wear contacts because they make me blink, take you to my favorite swings, make you go to every grocery store to find girl scout cookies and understand sometimes i just need mac and cheese, listen to you until you run out of words, feel nothing & feel way too much, pretend my room isn't always a mess by stuffing everything into my closet, compare everything to that one episode of spongebob, bite your shoulder and play with your earlobe, take too many baths when I get anxious, probably confuse the hell out of you i realize i'm a walking paradox, make you ice-skate in socks and dance to rap songs, tell you how welsh corgis scare me, and how cotton balls/p!nk songs are my personal hell. leave you 3 minute voicemails of complete rambling, play air drums to blink terribly, be so dramatic turning every moment into a movie, also pretend i'm funny, be too forward and do crazy things, but never afraid of telling you what i'm thinking, eat sushi messily, complain when I run out of gain, always have the air at 69 degrees because if I don't I will literally wake up sweating, sing 'get low' at least once a day, always always always make you help me change my duvet, tell you stories of my childhood dreams of being a backpack and building, also make you sing 'my girl' because I was born in the month may, explain that you should freeze reese's because they are better that way, convince you that blueberry muffins are highly underrated, and that how donuts should be more appreciated, never match my socks because it takes too much time, never forget who i am and why i'm here, fear you hurting me, and learn to trust you won't, read you my ideas and some, maybe all of poems, fall in love with too many books and quotes, capturing every moment in a polaroid or disposable, play arcade games just to get enough tickets for fun dip, never ever let you doubt yourself, let you know i have the worlds worst memory, have coffee every day and if i don't i would stay very far away from me, figure you out, everything you're afraid of, all of your doubts, but mainly, I will write about you, write about you, write about you, and hope you'll love the hell out of me too.


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