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love loud

the silence in loneliness sounds no different than us
i am reminded why I never want a quiet kind of love
i’d listen to the lost spaces between your words
longing for your love to be felt or heard
but you remained quiet & your whispers lost in my thoughts
i would scream to break the silence but it was never enough

your love was a library
quiet, consistent, & clean
while his was a construction site on a saturday morning
and maybe I’m crazy for preferring the latter
but I want a loud love with no guarantees,
where I no longer have to stick my hand down my throat
just to feel my own heart beating
where the birds can’t be heard over the tune of our song
where I could write you poems until the sun goes cold
where the sound of fireworks are white noise to our hearts
where there’s no silence in loneliness because we say what we want

because in love, you should never keep your thoughts muted
tip-toeing around your emotions, leaving words unspoken
because every bone on your spine is a reason to fight
and never stay quiet for the "love of your life"
it's better to love a bit too loud
a bit too much, a bit too proud
than be too faint for it be felt

I knew you loved me, but you were quiet
I felt he loved me because he was loud
I’ve learned that I no longer want a love to be silent
but so loud it drowns all sounds of doubt


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