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Love is not black & white.
at least that's what someone told me.

And it's not as if they aren't right. But, just not in the way they probably meant.
Because I believe love is a limitless spectrum.
There's no beginning or end.
We say we used to love, or have loved, or stopped loving, fell in or out of.
But that restricts love. We make it seem like it's this finite emotion that can be used up. Drained.
Yet, love is a lot like having faith in God.
You can feel it or you can choose not to.
You possess it, or you let it slip through your fingers.

Love is like a giant maze that you're always trying to find your way out of, then you realize how beautiful the center is.
And suddenly, you forget why you wanted out in the first place.
Love is learning to be lonely, letting go, & accepting not everything makes sense.
Love opens your eyes while leaving you blind.
Love is caring a bit too much.
Love is learning that never stops.
Love carves poetry into your heart.
Love will confuse your mind because love is not logical.
Love looks at you with light in his eyes.
Love changes you, and makes who you are make sense.
Love understands that it's okay to not understand yourself.
Love loves me.
& I love love.

But, some, on the other hand, find love is not black & white, but made of shades of gray.
Yet, some also think that love can come, go, or fade away.
And, some say they're learning to not look at someone in some sort of "way."
Because they've been beaten down enough to believe that love can be controlled or released.
And, I, on the other hand, am learning that maybe it's not love that sees defeat.

We find definable reasons why something ends.
Maybe things come to a demise because timing is not on your side.
Maybe hearts unravel because better things are in store.
Maybe mistakes were made & too much has happened to go back.
But, things end because it happens & that's natural.
But it is not because love has been lost.
Because love is a ever-present, intangible, indefinable light.
It can't be bound in colors such as black & white.
It is never lost, but maybe forgotten in all the bad times.

Therefore, love & I will never live without each other.
Because love is not black & white, nor gray, but full of color.



Love may not be black & white but these dope af pictures are! Shout out to Chase McCurdy for snappin' them. Love that kid. & Makeup by the wonderful Sarah Dougherty.


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