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when I was 4,
you asked me what I wanted to be,
I told you I wanted to be a boy and you laughed
and said I’d be the prettiest boy you’d ever seen

when I was 6,
I told you I wanted to be a building
you suggested a skyscraper
so I’d be the tallest one in the city

when I was 8,
I told you I wanted to be a backpack
you told me there were better things I could probably be
because carrying too many books might start to get heavy
and I told you at least I would get to read them for free
and that’s when you suggested a library

when I was 10,
I told you I wanted to be a princess
and you told me I was the daughter of a King
I asked you where my crown was
and you said in Heaven, waiting for me

when I was 12,
I told you I wanted to be a singer
and you let me think I was as good as Aretha Franklin
but I know you would secretly say a little prayer for me
in hopes I would stop singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T

when I was 14,
I told you I wanted to be pretty
and you told me I was beautiful in every way
you made sure to tell me this every single day
so I would understand my value and not give it away

when I was 16,
I told you I wanted to be alone, as most teenagers do
I said you didn’t understand me, I wanted to figure out life on my own
you told me when I was older, I would understand
why you did the things you do
I told you I’ll find out when I get there, but for now,
please get out of my room

when I was 18,
I told you I wanted to move to a new city
and you helped me move in, kissed me, & said you’d miss me
and on nights I’d get lonely, I’d call you in the morning
because you’ve always been the one to encourage me to keep going

now I'm 21,
not exactly sure where I'm going
and as the years go by, having you by my side, I’ve realized
that through all the trial and grief and my teenager streak
that you have been the unconditional loving mother of mine

as I approach 22,
I still don’t know what I want to be
but I know I want to:
love like you
care like you
open eyes like you
make a difference in people’s lives like you
dance like nobody’s watching because you think no one is actually
watching but I’m secretly filming like you
be kind like you
make people laugh (with your terrible jokes) like you
cry like you
but also be strong like you
never finish sentences like you
be brave like you
praise like you
learn how to grow with change like you
encourage like you
move people with my words like you
protect like you
love life like you
mother like you
be like you

so I hope what they say is true
that I'll grow up to become exactly

like you.

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