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A Love Poem To New York


a tale of two cities is what i should name my autobiography because there’s this tug and pull of where I belong and where i want to be, and what i’m stuck between.

so I wrote you a love poem in hopes you will understand where I’m coming from.

dear new york city,

i’ve loved you since I was 3.  i romanticized and fantasized the thought of being with you for so long. my dad would sing me Sinatra, that one particular song. “these small town blues, are melting away, i’ll make a brand new start of it, in old new york.” i couldn’t deny these metropolitan butterflies, i needed us to meet. you were the first city I truly fell in love with. the rooftop parties, 3am pizza runs, central park in the fall, the tallest of buildings, the E to the L to the M to Penn Station, days at MoMA, hot chocolate on the carriage rides in the christmas snowfall. all those nights seeing chicago (12 to be exact), dancing through time square singing "all that jazz," the comedy club with the first boy i loved, or those days strolling 5th avenue peeping into the windows and all of the clothing racks, high tea at the plaza pretending i’m eloise. i have forever been enamored with your passion, your undeniable strength to succeed, blinded by the lights, and intoxicated with your possibilities.

but, we’ve all had our moment with you, where we think we could be.
you, new york city, are beautiful. but, i’m afraid you’re not right for me, well for the time being. we’ve always been tied together with chaos, since the day we met. i’ve always loved you, but haven’t been able to commit.
we have the best of memories, and it’s not you, it’s me.

i have, unexpectedly, fallen in love with a different coast.

this is why i should name my autobiography a tale of two cities. this tug and pull of where i belong and where i want to be, and what i’m stuck between. it’s a war of head versus heart. you were my first love from the start, but where i need to be is in down in southern cali.

I’m not saying we could never be. I’m not saying I don’t long to be with you. I’m saying we are just products of bad timing.

so i’ll continue to love you from afar, visiting when I can, but until then, the streets, the taxis, the trains, the city that never sleeps, the lights, the tall buildings, will always always have a piece of my heart.

with love always xx

the outfit: the fashion in nyc is dark, simple, effortless, and bold. so I decided to style my jemma boots with a cap & skirt (leather of course) + laced up leotard to channel the vibes of nyc.



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