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I believe in good people.

Not people who care who you are, who you know, or what you can do for them. I like people that are genuine and honest. Who challenge me to be a better person. Who can hang out because I’m me and you’re you. Because we mutually enjoy each other for the company not for the potential possibilities or lack thereof. I believe that everyone should give people the benefit of the doubt. I believe that people have good intentions but make bad decisions. That they have good hearts and souls. That the mere thought of hurting someone else would utterly disturb them. That mistakes are only a small lapse of judgement. That their thoughts don’t always match up with their actions. That they say what they truly mean. That they just want love and to be loved. And, all in all, they are human, and they are just trying to survive this crazy, messed up world. Just like everybody else.


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