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Babequest Takes Hangout Fest

i flew to salt lake city to atlanta to pensacola drove an hour and ended up at the best festival ever in gulf shores, alabama.
i'm a wannabe penny lane and have been wandering to all the festivals and shows i can since i was 15.
but, hangout fest has hands down become one of my favorites.

here's 5 reasons why:

1. i got to see some of my favorite artists with some of my favorite gals on the mf beach.
i danced in the sand to fetty wap, panic, & haim.
2. there wasn't much service. i was forced to unplug and live and experience everything without distractions.
but, i still managed to get some bomb pics.
3. there were hot tubs by main stage aka i watched florence & the machine from a hot tub?!
4. our room was literally in the festival. i woke up to dj's playing the harlem shake
& sat on my balcony to watch ellie goulding.
5. (most importantly) it was filled with good people. everyone was so incredibly kind
and truly there just to hear music & hang. (which was so refreshing)

hangout fest, i am madly in love with you.
+ i cannot wait to be with you again next year.

until then,

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