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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

you say i’m dramatic, and i agree.  because i don’t want my story to be so boring. i’m tired of fairy tales and happily ever afters, a prince finds his princess, and a kiss bring them together. see, i make moves too quick like i’m playing a game ignoring the rules of the game being played. I could move slow and do the predictable with a better chance to win or i could take the risk and make it more interesting.

we know i’m am reckless, filled with alot of crazy and catastrophe, split in half in a boneless body, the chaos of the storm but with the calm before, shift from first to reverse, every emotion at the drop of a hat, a taste of late monday morning craze, broken but no mosaic, vines intertwined with weak branches inside, idealize then trivialize, cracked with a skull of impulsivity, swings so high i can’t decipher truth from reality, a thick shell to swallow my thoughts, but mostly, I do things I often should not.

I turn everything into a movie, i’ll whisper words to you i shouldn’t be saying, climb rooftops and getting arrested for trespassing, let you over at 4am just to get coffee with you the next morning, driving 139 mph just to hear your heart beating, take a trip across the country with a boy i'd never met, throw a penny off the grand canyon just to say we did, lay in the middle of the road not a thought about getting hit just to see the stars and satellites and their differences, saying everything i think on paper or aloud, finding each other in the city to watch the sunrise through the window, those midnight milkshakes, austin for the night, getting suspended for streaking, making you pull over during a thunderstorm because i thought the lightning was pretty, sleeping in a van for two months under a makeshift bunkbed, showing up at your house unannounced because I wanted to lay on the floor and make cookies, voicemails I probably shouldn't be leaving, yelling at randoms on the street who offend me, truth or dare to see how far you'll go, climbing in windows of abandoned buildings...

because i always do things for the story,
for moments you can’t forget,
ones that aren't so boring.

and with him, I do it so he’ll always remember me. he'll think boy she's crazy but she's a damn good story.


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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

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