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There's something so interesting about going home. Seeing familiar faces and places. Reminiscing on old memories...good and bad. Where you came from is part of where you going. Your past is just as important as your future. So appreciate the times you get to spend with those people and those memories. With that said, don't hold on to the past. It's easy to fall back into the traps of familiarity. Don't let your past control your future. Let go. Move on. And go where you want to go.

"You go on. You set one foot in front of the other, and if a thin voice cries out, somewhere behind you, you pretend not to hear, and keep going.”


Dress: Free People
Scarf: Nasty Gal
Boots: Free People

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  • Linda Wang
    Linda Wang
    October 19, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    I love your written thoughts. I love this outfit, normally i would probably not ever consider wearing something like this, but this is seriously such a well put together outfit, I love it so much!

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