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you told me to keep it when it was over
between me & you
because you said it looked better
on me than it ever did you
& i wish i would have
but i knew it was your favorite
but if I could go back, that's one thing i'd change
because it's cold & the rain feels lonely
& I don't have you
but having that sweatshirt would
make me feel like i kind of do
& maybe someway somehow
it would bring me the luck
i tried to bring you
or make you think of me
because on nights like this
i think of you.


you didn't have to say you didn't know what you wanted
you just had to say it wasn't me
all i ever did was ask you to be honest
& not leave me in the passenger seat

the title never mattered as much as the registration
but your thoughts were never clear
i was tangled in the lightness
and you couldn't to face your fears

we looked like giants
compared to our vulnerability
all i could hear were sounds of settling
so I lost faith in my own heart
those tiny vessels of emotions
then the beats pulled apart


we were never as poetic as it seemed
we just turned our chaos into poetry
drowning ourselves in the dead Sea
blackholes of want and need
we never had the right words
we never said them the right way
we never had the right reasons of why we should stay


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