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True Life: I Eat Bears For Breakfast

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i have no chill when it comes to my hair. i've realized every breakup or new babe or life change, I dye. it's my own form of therapy. a new start, i suppose. back in 2013, i did an evolution of my hair because we all know i could make a coffee table book out of every hair color/style i've had. well, nothing's changed (...except my hair ALOT).

well in the last year, i had one of those moments with a hair dresser (he who shall not be named) where you ask for a certain length and get 5 inches shorter. it was one of those yeaH i LoVE it.... aka I feel like a mom and i'm going to complain until it grows back. well, it has been...slowly but surely.

but, recently i was introduced to sugarbear hair. WAIT. before you stop reading this & writing it off as some #sponsored or #ad post, HEAR ME OUT. i feel like these things never work, no? Just me? well, alert the press. i have been taking these babies for the last three months and my hair is not only shinier and thicker, but it's actually growing! *cue the hallelujah chorus*

so ya i eat bears for breakfast, sorry goldie locks. you'll understand one day.

but, I digress. we are three years long over due for a part II evolution so here we go. enjoy.

july 2014: i kept the long dark locks up until mid 2014, then i let @stylemegabi chop it off and dye it red because it. was. time.

january - march 2015: had a few breakups, dyed my hair blonde
april- may 2015: i had always wanted to dye my hair a crazy color and i woke up one day and just did the damn thing.
june - august 2015: madeline and I had a shoot and they weren't into the purple hair so i had to dye it back blonde. i never stopped complaining about it.

september 2015 - so I decided to go back to my roots, my good old brown roots. OH, and the hair dresser man chopped my hair... i was v sad. i cri.
october 2015 - january 2016: dark dark brown. i LOVED this color. still do. MayBE i sHoUlD ..... gO bAcK soOn?
1474431_10154006769284882_4686280050332886498_nfebruary 2016 - march 2016 - i'm very impulsive. i woke up, called gabi, and begged her to make me blonde again. she worked her magic and brought me strawberry blonde in one day. (one long af day).

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april- mid may 2015: we turned them strawberry locks golden just in time for coachella.
13413149_10154196230844882_4810461674451239210_nCurrent: but alas, i was still crying a year later about not being purple so happy birthday to me and we back.

what's next? pink? 😉


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