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We get lots of questions in our ask box asking me how I curl my hair! So I thought I would do a simple 4 step tutorial. I hope it helps!!

You need: a wand (), a brush, and hairspray. 🙂

NOTE: Hair is much easier to curl when it’s a day or two dirty!

#1. Start by brushing your hair, then depending on how thick it is. Start by parting it into two sections.

#2. Take an inch or half inch (depending on how thick you want your curls), spray it with hairspray (very lightly), and then wrap it over and around the wand until you have a tight coil.

#3. Hold the hair around the wand for about 10-15 seconds. Then hold the wand vertical and slowly shake the hair off so it falls off the wand. Then, spray with hairspray again (LIGHTLY)

#4 Repeat until you’re entire head is curled! I like to do my hair in 3 sections because I have so much. I also like to use a product called   that makes my hair look smooth and not frizzy.

Remember: the smaller you do each curl, the longer your curls will last!

I also like to brush through them so they look more like waves then curls because right after I do it my hair is like Taylor Swiftin’. hehe

ps. Once I have time, maybe I'll try to do a video? Yes..no!?

xx KayKay

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