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I'm not crazy, or maybe I am.


I'm not crazy, or maybe I am.

Crazy people don't know they're crazy, and if I think I'm crazy, then I might be too self- aware to actually be crazy, right?
Or maybe I'm so crazy that I actually know my crazy, and my brain is trying to make itself uncrazy. Is that possible?
Can we uncrazy are own crazy mind? Is uncrazy a word yet? Or Is that just crazy talk?

Do we just start pretending we aren't because god forbid someone finds out we might be a little too in touch with how we feel or how we think.

Do normal people conceal their feelings, and the crazy face them head on?
Maybe that's all it is.
Maybe I just think too much or feel too much.
Maybe I change my mind too often.
Maybe I overanalyze things that don't need an analysis.
Maybe I worry a bit too much.
But, maybe that's why I'm not crazy at all.

Maybe the truly crazy are the ones who can't face their tears, fears, and the rest of their undeniable emotions.
Maybe our concept of normal is what is crazy. Maybe there is no normal, and there is only your normal. And maybe my reality is a bit different than yours. And, that's okay.
The world needs all types of minds. All types of crazy. Let's stop apologizing for our crazy, and start embracing why we are.

So what if I am a little crazy (or a lot of it). All the most interesting people are.



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  • Karrah Derk
    Karrah Derk
    July 30, 2014 at 8:31 am

    THANK YOU! This is honestly what I needed right now. This is without a doubt the greatest thing I have ever read because I can relate to it so much. I feel like I've always felt my feelings and my friends can be robots sometimes and then tell me I'm crazy. Thank you and I love you bunches Kaykay!

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