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He Told Me I Was Beautiful

I met a boy once who told me I was beautiful.

He told me he loved my long hair and long legs
I told him I loved poetry and reading in bed
He told me my lips were plump and a nice shade of baby pink
I told him I loved when boys made me laugh & made me think
He told me the sound of my voice was soft and delicate
I told him when I used my words I felt so confident
He told me my eyes were the perfect shade of green
I told him there was still so much i wanted to hear, read, and see
He told me my smile was pretty and aligned
I told him that was nice and by the way I love to write
He told me my cheeks were warm and inviting
I told him I embraced my crazy, there was no point in hiding
He told me my skin was as soft as a rose
I told him my mind tended to wander on it's own
He told me he wanted to hug my curves like my little lace dress
I told him creating was when I felt at my best

But then, I realized I was trying to convince him that my beauty was deeper than he could see
That my soul, my mind, & my heart were filled with passion and love and kindness and poetry
And if beauty was only skin deep, I wouldn't be half the person I'm meant to be

He told me I was beautiful & yes that was very kind.

But I want someone who sees my true beauty.
I want someone to fall in love with my mind.



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