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We Are Not the Land of the Free

i'm not a walking shooting range with a bullseye on my back. why does my skin protect me more from getting attacked? do not tell white privilege doesn't exist. do not tell me #alllivesmatter or he deserved it. all lives do matter, but we don't wake up fearing for our lives just based on the color of our skin. we don't get shot when our hands are up or when we are reaching for our license.

no color should be a crime
no skin should be suspicious
no lives should be taken, gunned down for no reason
we are building a generation of division where
police can kill without a guilty sentence.

do not just cover your mouth in disbelief, give your condolences, or find a hashtag to tweet.
we cannot have empathy because we'll never understand the struggle of what it means to be a person of color in the land of the "free." but I will use my voice to wake those who turn a blind eye, become desensitized to the lost lives, or justify this inequality of constitutional rights.

so in God, we trust
but we must use our voice to create the change
we are the people who must create a more perfect union
where no race, religion, gender, or sexuality should be unequal
because we are all humans.

so, we are not the land of the free.
we are the land of racism, gun violence, and police brutality.
we are not the home of the brave.
we are nation broken and in desperate need of a change.


(photo from little worlds series)

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