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25 Things You Might Not Know (About Me)

1. The smell of gain makes my heart pitter-patter.
2. Cotton balls freak me out. The texture....the sounds.... I can't even think about them.
3. I tried going by the name "Katie" in first grade. No one was into it.
4. When I hiccup, I sound like a baby dinosaur dying.
5. I used to dress up my dog in American girl doll clothes.
6. Apple juice is still my favorite beverage.
7. I aspired to be a building or a backpack when I was younger. Dreamin' big.
8. I will forever order off the kid's menu.
9. I love all roller coasters, but Ferris wheels FREAK me out.
10. I have six tattoos. All white.
11. I'm super Cuban...and also super pale.
12. I've never seen Laguna Beach/the Hills because I was probably too busy watching Criminal Minds.
13. I like to think I'm Penny Lane from Almost Famous.
14. I was a cheerleader, and I hated every second of it. (Not my cup of tea)
15. Probably because I danced for 10 years. That was more my thing.
16. I like my bacon extra extra extra (so extra it's almost black) crispy.
17. Cottage cheese is really scary.
18. So are clowns. Like why you so happy all the time though?
19. For the record, my eyes are hazel. NOT BROWN. Bye.
20. I don't know how to not wear socks.
21. I need the AC set to 65 or below or I'll start sweating. (I can blame my dad for this one)
22. I've wanted to go to Denmark since 4th grade. No one will take me.
23. I'm a master at Super Nintendo.
24. I still have my stuffed Simba from when I was born. He protects me from bad guys, duh.
25. My mom is an alien so therefore I am an alien.

xx KayKay

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  • Monika
    November 8, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    hey kid's menu rules!! 😀 and will you please do a post about your tattoos?

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