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1. I’ll always love you but after what you did, I don’t know if I’ll ever like you again.

2. Thank you for your silence. It spoke to me more than you words ever could. And, I’m sorry I gave so much of my mind and time when you didn’t deserve it.

3. I acted like your words didn’t hurt but I cried in the grass for an hour that day. I guess the sandwich you brought me to work was really just a sandwich after all.

4. I wanted to kiss you that day in the rain.

5. You’re lonely. I can see it in your eyes. Your heart is hurting, hollow, and I wish you would just let me inside.

6. I still think of you when I drive by that pizza place. It’s like every sign the universe has it uses to point me to you. If only I could follow them.

7. I didn’t mean goodbye when I said it.

8. You intrigue me. You’re kind, interested in my mind, and a breath of fresh air.

9. I love you. Even though you don’t know how to love me in the way you should, I know you do the best you can.

10. I think what disappoints me the most is that I believed you.

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A few months back we left our homes in LA & Salt Lake City to meet up in Montauk, NY for the KEDS Spring Campaign shoot. WHAT. Just being reunited with each other in such a beautiful place would have been enough but that was just the beginning! Joining us in the campaign we’re 3 other inspiring ladies, Katy Bellotte, Caitlin Lindquist and TAYLOR SWIIIIFT. Are you kidding?????  On that note, we are so incredibly excited to begin sharing this big secret we’ve been holding on to. Here’s a little sneak peek of the shoot captured on our disposable cameras & a quick video getting to know us a bit.  We hope you guys like it!

More coming soon!!

xx Sugar & Spice


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February Tunes


Hi friends! Here’s what we are jamming’ this month. Sorry for the delay!! It’s been a crazy month so far, and we are so excited to share what we’ve been up to!! But for now, jam these jams with us & tell us what you think!

Be sure to follow our playlist on Spotify & follow us: sugarandspiceofficial

xx Sugar & Spice

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FEATURE: Alexa Losey’s Winter Lookbook!

I got to be apart of my pal, Alexa’s winter lookbook! Thanks for including me! All outfits and details in the description of the video.
Hope you guys like it!

shot & edited by jeremy camp

xx KayKay

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We always hear how body language affects how others view us, but how does it affect how we view ourselves? In this talk, Amy Cuddy gives a new mentality and perspective on the phrase we all know “fake it till you make it.” We love this talk, and have been applying her strategy in all the things we do or desire to do. Hope you like it too! :)

xx Sugar & Spice

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