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Winged Eyeliner Sharp Enough To Kill A Man

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Winged eyeliner is more than makeup. Winged liner war paint, the excuse for being late to any occasion, and the black line that separates the bad bitches from the basic ones. Drama you say? It’s just eyeliner you say? Wrong, you are. I’m about to give you a step by step guide on how to get your wings on, and fly the F away with your dreams, and with your bad self.

The first step to growing your wings, is getting the right tools. I highly recommend Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, in the color “Trooper.” Aka, black, the color of “I take no bull” and how boss ladies take their coffee.

The actual application of the liner is where you need to stay calm. Liquid liner can smell your fear, and it will squiggle and smudge in the devastating way that only a black liquid liner can, you’ve just gotta show it who runs this show. (That’s you pretty girl.)

I like to apply in 3 steps.

IMG_72731. Draw a line on your upper lid starting in the middle of your lash line, and slowly bring it out and slightly up.

IMG_72722. Next, connect the outer line to the bottom of your eye, creating a nice little triangle. And by triangle, I mean 3 lines that create a point so sharp it could give your favorite stilettos a run for their money.

IMG_72743. Last step, is you just fill in the triangle. The only time, really, when coloring inside the lines has a better end result.

A dainty dagger has found its new home on top your eyelid, your first wing. Repeat these steps on the other eye, and you my friend have just created the duo of the year. Your wings! It is now up to you, wings in tact, to carry out some crazy impossible things. Wings are meant to take you places, and even though these are just wings on your eyes, I am the biggest believer in the fact that a good winged eyeliner can make you feel like a new woman. As women, we have the power to be delicate and courageous at the same time. This combination is the reason why girls really do run the world. We do everything a man does, (and then some) while still finding the joy, time, and choice to wear makeup, or not, to love some winged liner, or hate it. Be fearless, and be beautiful, and for me personally, I feel this way when my wings just so happen to be sharp enough to kill a man. So fly away pretty, strong, vivacious baby girls, and may your wings take you far.

Xo Liz

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