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Sugar & Spice 2.0: Change is Here


We're coming up on our 5 year anniversary of Sugar & Spice which is absolutely crazy to think about. This blog has give us opportunity to travel, explore our ideas, make some dreams come true and build our friendship. It may not be the biggest blog out there, or even close, but to be honest, that's not the point. The point is expression, honesty, and friendship. We are proud of the platform we have built together and we want more people to be a part of it... 

Over the last several months we have been working hard to recreate our site to be not just a place for us but a place for you and for other women who have something to share and learn.

aside from our normal "sugar" and "spice" pages we have opened a new tab called "everything nice". Here you will see ladies who inspire us share insights, tutorials, and more in areas like beauty, art, fitness, music, food, fashion and more. We want to cover all aspects of life and learn with our readers. We are passionate about self-expression and that's exactly what this place is for - for us & you to create and share our creations. Our goal is to build a community of empowering ladies that work together, share and lift each other up. We would love for you to be a part of it...

On the right side of our site you will see a "submit" button. This is our way of opening up our site to anyone who has something to share. If you are killer at braids, have a cool perspective on something, made a work out routine, whip out recipes like a maniac, paint pretty things or write silly ones, anything you feel could add some light to someone else, please submit! We want to shine light on as many gals as we can. This is not about who is better than who. This is about celebrating individuality and growing to become better well-rounded people. Knowledge is power, after all. 

Let's be real, we have been kind of the worst bloggers lately. We've been slacking on updating our site but things are changing people. Stay on the lookout for frequent updates, discounts, giveaways and more!
Also we want to be more in dialogue with you all. We want your feedback! Comments are so cool. We love them. (If you didn't know, you can make an account and comment from it)
Let's create and learn and chat and discuss.

Thanks for supporting us! We love yall, endlessly.





MAKEUP BY: JILL  MARIE MAKEUP @jillmariemakeup

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  • Mary Kim
    September 20, 2016 at 8:24 am

    You look super cute!!! That is why yours is the only blog that I follow.


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