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PERFECT PAIR: Hush Puppies

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We do this thing where we try to match outfits across the country from time to time. Weird maybe? But hey you've gotta do What you've gotta do to keep a long distance friendship alive... Starting the same movie at the exact same time and texting each other commentary is a nice trick too. (;

Today we both whipped out our booties from Hush Puppies (these ones are summer friendly!). It's always fun to see how differently we style something. Sugar and Spice ring true time and time again haha. If it isn't clear - we have a bit of a boot addiction and it's always a good day when we find a pair that can translate into summer. These are our first pair of Hush Puppies - have you ever tried them? They are SO COMFORTABLE and light aka why we picked  them for our summer twinning day. But you better believe you will see us wearing them through the fall. Today we wore them with denim jeans and a romper but for fall we'll be bringing out our high knee socks with our favorite dresses and skirt combos. Buckle up.
In other news it's been a LONG summer of no hanging out together and the verdict is - growing up is weird but we're doing the best we can. A couple of updates:

Life lately consists of working full time, trying to be a better friend, working on myself and reading A LOT. I'm learning that knowledge really is power and am trying to soak up as much as I can. I'm itching to travel but in the mean time I'll keep singing along to my favorite stories and dancing in my blue suede shoes. Side note, has anyone else felt like their twenties have been a constant identity crisis? I think mom warmed me about this. One day at a time folks.


FYI: I am NOT a sandal type of gal. This baby loves her boots. So I've been scootin' and bootin' all over los angeles eating way too much ice cream and sleeping a bit less than I should. I'm still dressing like it's festival season, and alert the press because my hair is still purple (2 mo and no hair changes - this is a new record). But, i'm really trying to write more & be more social & meet new people. With all the chaos of life, I'm learning how important it is to surround yourself with good people. Hello up there Madeline, you're a good one. I'm glad we have matching boots because it's like we are dancing together and it's v special.





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