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We are so blessed to have such talented friends that we can collaborate with. Our great pal, Jade Ehlers, snapped some super awesome pictures of us last week. (FINALLY, we needed new pictures together) But, this kid might the nicest human and is freaking talented. We've known Jade forever so it's fun to collaborate with him. We love working with other artists because everyone has their own unique vision that creates something really cool when we all team up together. We also filmed our truth or dare video with him....so stay tuned. It's a good one. šŸ˜‰

In the meantime, check out Jade. We promise you won't be disappointed! He also posted a blog about our shoot together.Ā www.jadeehlers.com/blog
Go look! Go look! (@jadeehlers on twitter and insta)

Love you guys!!

xx Sugar & Spice

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