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16 Promises for 2016

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HOLY. HOW IS IT 2016? It's so crazy to think that 2015 is over, but as we look back on all the craziness the year brought we are smothered in gratitude, happy tears and some definite LOLS. We have chartered through endless highs and low low lows, and with each experience have learned more and more of what it means to be ourselves. It's a beautiful, fun, sad, and freaking hard journey but it's all worth it. And with 2016s quick arrival, we're ready to do it all over again but bigger and better this time. Based off our 2015 feels and 2016 hopes, we have put together some heartfelt promises we want to outwardly make. We hope you can connect with some of them and challenge you to make your own list of promises to yourself.  And lastly, we just want to thank you all for loving and supporting us through this crazy ride. Sugar and Spice is so much more than a blog to us, it's our friendship, our hopes our dreams, our therapy. We hope it can be those things for you too.  Happy 2016!

xx Madeline & KayKay

1. i promise to not base my worth on anyone else's opinion of me.
2. i promise to be kind to everyone, including myself.
3. i promise to remember that I can't change my past, but I can change my future.
4. i promise to be vulnerable, love with no guarantees, say what i feel, and not be afraid of someone's ability to reciprocate them.
5. i promise to not apologize for being undeniably myself, by embracing the good, the bad, and everywhere in between.
6. i promise to remind myself that there is no normal, only my normal, and the world needs all types of minds.
7. i promise to admit when i'm sad, broken, alone, anxious, hollow, because it's okay to feel these things. that is what makes us human, that is what makes us alive.
8. i promise to not live in fear of my own expectations, afraid of what could happen or what might not.
9. i promise to doubt my doubts before I doubt myself, my friendships, my loves, my work, my faith and my art.
10. i promise to savor every moment, in the moment. To listen to the rain, to feel the song playing, to taste the food.
11. i promise to stop filtering myself.  I want to remember what it means to be 100% me.
12. i promise to step away from fear of loss and love deeper, trust more, and be a better friend.
13. i promise to feel all the feels and no longer bury emotions for the fear of being judged.
14. i promise to fight selfish tendencies and dedicate more time and thought in building up those around me.
15. i promise to step outside of my comfort zone and open my mind to knew ideas, things and people.
16. i promise to keep my promises.


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